Hardwood Flooring

What are the current looks in hardwood flooring? The hand-scraped wide width wood floors are what’s hot today. People love the look and texture. They look fantastic in many décors, whether you have traditional, transitional or contemporary. A lot of darker floors are sold these days. Gray tones and undertones are trending more popular.
Wood Floors, Prefinished Wood Flooring, Wheaton, IL Hardwood floors are nature’s beauty. They are timeless, durable and very versatile. When you choose a hardwood floor, you are making an investment that can last a lifetime. Hardwood floors increase the value of your home, and when properly maintained, you will never have to replace your floor again. Whether it is domestic or exotic species, solid or engineered, wide plank or narrow strip, Superb Carpets, Inc. has it all. You will enjoy coming in to see the large selection of hardwood flooring that Superb Carpets, Inc. has to offer.

Wood Floors, Prefinished Wood Flooring, Wheaton, IL

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood is milled from a single ¾” thick piece of hardwood. The width of these boards can be anywhere from 2 ¼” to larger. These solid floors expand and contract with changes in your home’s relative humidity. The wider the board, the more the floor will expand and contract. Since solid wood floors can only be nailed down, they cannot be installed directly over concrete floors.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood floors have many benefits. Depending on the manufacturer, engineered wood floors are comprised of 3 to 10 layers of wood where the middle layers can consist of wood, HDF, or recycled contents. If wider width boards are what you are looking for, then engineered wood is the way to go. Since engineered floors are compressed with different layers, they do not have the expansion and contraction that solid wood floors have. That is a real benefit with temperature changes in the winter and summer months. The installation of engineered floors can be nailed, glued or floated. If you have concrete floors, you can use an engineered wood, an underlayment/vapor barrier and a floated installation, or a glued down installation. Engineered wood floors can also be more cost effective than solid wood floors. This is especially true when it comes to exotic woods and wide planked woods.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Customers love prefinished hardwood floors! These wood floors are finished at the factory, the ultimate conditions for applying stains and finishes. These finishes are superior to on-site finishes in terms of wear layer performance and clarity. Some manufacturers warrant that you won’t wear through the finish for 50 years! No finish on-site wood floor can perform like that. Prefinished wood floors are either solid or engineered. When prefinished floors are installed, there is no drying time, no fumes, no dust or fuss! You can enjoy your new hardwood floor immediately.

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